Retro 2X2 Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic 12X12 Black Glossy

Retro 2X2 Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic 12X12 Black Glossy

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One of our biggest design trends is the hexagon shape. Hexagons are geometric, and yet so versatile. You’ll see hexagons everywhere, from kitchens to bathrooms, and even in some contemporary living rooms and foyers. Put hexagon tile in a modern design that relies on clean lines and sharp angles, or use it to create a twist in a soft contemporary design.

A popular kitchen trend includes hexagon backsplashes with grout that contrasts with the color of the tile. The hexagon mosaic can be used in modern, contemporary, or industrial spaces, and it’ll add a pop of personality no matter which one you choose.

Pros of Hexagon Porcelain Tile:

Highly Stain Resistant. Porcelain Tile is known for its stain-resistant properties. The reason why it is stain resistant is that it is highly dense and impervious. Moreover, it is easy to clean and can be best suitable for people with small children and pets.

Durability. Porcelain tiles are very durable, which makes them more suitable for commercial purposes. They can withstand heavy traffic and can remain intact even after years of use. When it comes to ceramic vs porcelain tile in terms of durability, porcelain is the clear winner.

Life expectancy. Porcelain tiles are difficult to break and are exceptionally hard. They can very well withstand the load of even the heaviest furniture. It has a longer life than ceramic tiles.

Low maintenance. Porcelain tiles are low-maintenance, solid, and hard-wearing floor tiles that have a lot to give and extremely less to take. All they require is regular washing and grout cleaning to stay spotless forever.

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