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Mastering the Art of Tile Trimming with Julee Ireland
In the latest episode of Tile Mart University, design expert Julee Ireland unveils the secrets to perfect tile trimming, a crucial element that can elevate any tile installation from ordinary to extraordinary. She guides viewers through three innovative methods: using traditional trims like pencil rails or quarter rounds for a classic touch, self-trimming with wall tiles for a cohesive look, and employing the sleek, modern finishes of metal trim for a contemporary edge. Julee's invaluable tip to miter corners ensures a professional, magazine-worthy finish to your projects. This episode is a must-watch for anyone passionate about bringing a polished and refined aesthetic to their tile work.
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Finding the Right Tile Contractor: Essential Tips from Julee Ireland

Welcome to the latest episode of Tile Mart University with Julee Ireland where we'll be diving into a crucial topic in home improvement: finding a reliable tile contractor. With numerous stories of tiling projects gone awry, choosing the right contractor is not just important, it's essential for bringing your design vision to life. Join us as we navigate this vital decision-making process, ensuring your tiling project is a success from start to finish.

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I've Picked My Tile, Now What? Navigating Your Next Tile Project with TileMart University
    Welcome to another insightful episode from Tile Mart University, where we delve deep into the essentials of planning and executing your tile projects with precision and creativity. In this episode, "I've Picked My Tile, Now What?", Julie Ireland,...
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