Sto-Re 1-1/2X9 Chevron Marble Mosaic 10X10 Volakas Polished

Sto-Re 1-1/2X9 Chevron Marble Mosaic 10X10 Volakas Polished

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Wooden Blue
Ocean White
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Our marble mosaics perfectly capture the contemporary design. Our different list of styles and sizes for our Sto-re collection will give you bountiful to reimagine your design dreams. Be Bold in your decoration decisions without marble tile mosaics. Soft blues, earth tans and clean greys help craft the mood you want in your kitchen or bathroom. Use these stone tile mosaics over large areas or draw the eye by using them as accent pieces.

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0.69 sf/pc      3.45 sf/box      5 pcs/box

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