Sanitary Cove Base Inside Corner Porcelain Trim 1X6 White Glossy

Sanitary Cove Base Inside Corner Porcelain Trim 1X6 White Glossy

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Cove base tile is typically used for convenience and is especially handy for any places where there is a lot of water, for example, bathroom showers. They are usually installed at the base of tiled walls in lieu of tile baseboards to create a seamless, watertight transition between the wall and the floor. Cove base tile will guide any liquids that are splashed on them away from a little crevice that is created when two planes form a 90-degree angle. Installing an integral cove base is essential for flooring applications in places where maximum sanitation is required, or where floors will be cleaned with large amounts of water. The color choices include white, black, and grey and are in a 6x6 size format.

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