Subway Tiles: Expert Insights with Julee Ireland

Welcome to our latest TMU episode featuring the insightful Julee Ireland, our esteemed brand ambassador at Tile Mart. In her most recent video, Subway Tiles: Expert Insights with Julee Ireland, Julee delves into the captivating world of subway tiles. She covers the origins of these timeless tiles in the New York Subway, explores their numerous benefits, and unveils a myriad of patterns and design possibilities. Julee's detailed walkthrough is an invaluable resource for both design professionals and those passionate about home improvement, offering practical advice and creative ideas for incorporating subway tiles into various spaces. Join us as we explore the functional elegance and design potential of subway tiles with Julee Ireland.

Basics 3x6 White Matte Tile Room Scene

The Basics Collection

Julee Ireland expertly narrates the intriguing history of subway tiles, tracing their origins back to the early 20th century. She highlights the first design of the iconic 3x6 tile by Christopher Grant La Farge and George C. Heins, specifically created for the New York City subway system. These tiles were revered for their clean, bright appearance, which not only enhanced the aesthetic of the subway stations but also contributed to a sense of heightened cleanliness and design. Furthermore, Julee emphasizes the tiles' rise to popularity, attributed to their ease of maintenance, straightforward installation process, and remarkable stain resistance. These functional benefits, coupled with their appealing simplicity, cemented subway tiles as a lasting sensation in both public and private spaces, evolving into a timeless element in modern design. Looking for the same look? View our Basics collection to bring the urban NYC subway to your bathroom walls.

Furthermore, Julee Ireland expertly showcases various subway tile patterns with our Basics 3x6 Tile and our Cloe 2.5x8 Tile, each offering a unique aesthetic. She highlights the Basketweave pattern, where tiles interlock like a woven basket, adding texture and depth. The Horizontal Stack, with its straight, edge-aligned tiles, creates a clean, modern look that visually expands spaces. Lastly, the Vertical Stack arranges tiles upright, elongating walls for a contemporary feel. Julee's insights reveal how these patterns can dramatically alter and enhance the character of any room.

Soco Tile Wall and Floor application

The Soco Collection

Julee Ireland's exploration of subway tiles, from their historic roots to modern applications, highlights their timeless charm and versatility. Showcasing patterns like the intricate Basketweave, the space-expanding Horizontal Stack, and the contemporary Vertical Stack, she illustrates how these designs can transform any room. At Tile Mart, we offer an extensive variety of subway tiles, catering to any design taste, ensuring that this enduring trend continues to enhance both private and public spaces with its blend of elegance and functionality. Shop subway today to add a touch of luxury to your space!

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