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Crafting Marble Elegance with Julee Ireland
Explore the latest in tile design with our 'Style Your Tile' series, proudly presented by Tile Mart University. In this captivating installment, we assemble a breathtaking moodboard that seamlessly blends the timeless beauty of marble with the tranquil essence of...
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Mastering Large Format Tiles with Julee Ireland
Julee Ireland emphasizes the benefits of large format tiles, particularly in porcelain, for modern interior design. These larger-than-standard tiles offer a sleek, contemporary look, with fewer grout lines for a cleaner appearance. They are durable and low maintenance, suitable for high-traffic areas, and provide the luxurious look of natural stone or marble at a fraction of the cost. This makes them an appealing choice for both aesthetic and budgetary reasons in both home and commercial spaces. Explore the Large Format collection for design ideas.
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