Creating a Coastal Breeze with Julee Ireland

Welcome to another exciting episode of Style Your Tile, featuring the talented interior design architect and founder of Home Renovation School, Julee Ireland. In this episode, Julee demonstrates how to style Tile Mart's Century Wood and Hampton 15 tiles to create a breathtaking coastal breeze-inspired moodboard.

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Setting the Coastal Dreamscape

Julee starts the coastal dreamscape with Serena and Lily’s new Boardwalk Jute Rug. This rug, paired with Tile Mart’s Century Woodlook Porcelain Tile in Natural, lays the perfect foundation for a serene and inviting coastal vibe.


Thoughtful Tile Selections

To enhance the coastal theme, Julee selects items from Serena and Lily’s Hughes County collection and her favorite wallpaper designs. She highlights Tile Mart’s Hampton 15 decorative 6x6 field tiles in Montauk and Noyack as her top choice. These tiles add an intricate and elegant touch, ideal for a coastal-inspired space.


Perfect Accents and Finishing Touches

No coastal vibe would be complete without charming accents. Julee includes starfish and crystals to evoke the tranquility of the ocean. For hardware, she chooses hammered chrome cabinet pulls and knobs, adding a bit of nostalgia and a polished finish.


Cozy Upholstery and Paint Palettes

For upholstery, Julee selects Serena’s Hughes counter stool, Perennials Granville, and Sea Salt fabrics, which perfectly complement the coastal theme with their light and airy feel.

When it comes to paint, Julee chooses a palette that embodies the essence of a coastal oasis. The colors include Bear’s Norwegian Blue, Half Seafog, Ginger Sugar, and Blank Canvas. These shades harmonize beautifully, inviting calm and relaxation into every corner of your home.


Create Your Coastal Oasis

By thoughtfully selecting each element, you can transform your space into a coastal haven that exudes tranquility and elegance. The combination of these tiles, fabrics, and colors creates a beautifully harmonized environment perfect for unwinding and enjoying the coastal breeze.

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