Mastering the Art of Tile Trimming with Julee Ireland

Welcome back to another exciting post from Tile Mart University. We're thrilled to share insights from our latest episode featuring Julee Ireland, a renowned design architect and the founder of Home Renovation School. In this episode, Julee teaches us three ways to trim tile to ensure your installations look absolutely gorgeous!

The Art of Tile Trimming: A Game-Changer in Design

Tile and stone installations are all about the details, and a key aspect of this is how you finish the edges of your tile. Julee stresses that an exposed edge of tile can detract from your design, but the right trim can transform your space into something worthy of a magazine feature. Let’s explore the three methods Julee highlighted:

The Village Collection

1. Traditional Trim Options

The first option involves using a pencil rail, quarter round, or chair rail that matches or contrasts with your field tile. This approach adds a classic and beautiful touch to your design. Fun Fact: Tile Mart boasts over 150 trim options and more than 20 different tile series with matching trims, offering an extensive range of colors, shapes, and sizes to suit every design style. Shop our trim to get a high-end finish to your tile project today!

Three Different Types of Trim


2. Self-Trim with Wall Tile

The second method is to use the same wall tile to self-trim your design. For stone, this can mean cutting it down to create a border, and for tile, it involves using it to frame the design both vertically and horizontally. However, Julee recommends still using the first or second method to conceal the tile edge properly.


3. Sleek and Modern with Schluter

The third option is using Schluter, a metal or PVC piece that comes in various depths and finishes, available in 8 and 10-foot lengths. Schluter can have a straight edge for a modern look or a rounded/bullnose edge for a more traditional appearance. Julee loves Schluter for its clean, simple look and its ability to tie in other elements like lighting, hardware, or plumbing finishes.


Pro Tip: Miter the Corners

Julee's pro tip is to miter the corners or 'picture frame' your trim where pieces meet. This technique elevates your design and showcases your expertise.


We Want to See Your Creations!

Julee can't wait to see your beautiful tile and stone installations using these methods. Don't forget to email us your designs at for a chance to be featured! 

Thanks for tuning in to Tile Mart University, and we'll see you in our next post!

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