The Nordika collection is a stunning line of tiles that take inspiration from the rugged beauty of the stones found in northern European lands. The collection boasts a range of earthy color tones, from the subtle and calming grays of a cloudy sky to the rich, warm browns of the forest floor.

    These tiles come in three sizes to suit a variety of spaces and needs. The large format tiles, available in 36x36 and 24x48 inches, are ideal for creating a modern and spacious feel in any room. The 12x12 inch square mosaic tiles are perfect for adding a touch of texture and interest to smaller areas, such as a shower or backsplash.

    The Nordika collection's matte finish adds a subtle sophistication and understated elegance to any space. The matte finish also provides a non-slip surface, making these tiles ideal for high traffic areas, such as entryways or kitchens.

    The Nordika collection's versatile color tones and durable finish make it perfect for both residential and commercial applications. From creating a cozy atmosphere in a living room to adding a touch of modern sophistication to a restaurant or hotel lobby, these tiles are sure to impress.

    Overall, the Nordika collection is an excellent choice for those seeking a timeless and elegant tile option with a touch of rugged charm. Whether you choose a large format or mosaic tile, the Nordika collection will bring the beauty and character of northern European lands to your home or commercial space.