The Importance of Tile Samples: A Guide with Julee Ireland

In the latest episode of Tile Mart University, we join Julee Ireland, a renowned design architect and founder of Home Renovation School, for an exciting journey into the world of tile samples. This episode is special, as Julee unboxes a Tile Mart sample box, offering viewers a firsthand look at the process.

The Unique Appeal of Tile Mart's Sample Program

Julee highlights one of the standout features of Tile Mart – our customer-friendly sample program. Unlike many companies that charge for tile samples, we offer an accessible and affordable option: 5 samples for just $5. This process is broken down into three easy steps:

  1. Selection: Julee navigates through Tile Mart's extensive selection of tiles and stones, picking favorites.
  2. Sample Request: By clicking 'Get a Sample', Julee demonstrates how to choose up to five samples, one for each tile type.
  3. Shipping Information: The final step involves providing shipping details for the samples to be delivered nationwide.

This approach not only makes tile selection cost-effective but also adds an element of excitement to the renovation process and security to the process of choosing the right tile for your project.

Unveiling the Sample Box

As Julee opens the Tile Mart sample box, she showcases the careful packaging and the unique presentation of each sample. She emphasizes the importance of the QR code and information on the back, which provides additional details about each tile. This includes finish, color, and size which all play vital roles in determining what tile would best suit your DIY project. 

The Importance of Physical Samples

Despite the comprehensive information and high-quality photos available on Tile Mart's website, Julee stresses the importance of physical samples. They allow you to truly experience the texture, color, and quality of the tiles, ensuring the best choice for your specific project.

A Real-Life Application: 3D Bath Design

Julee shares a 3D tile design using the Bedrosians Marin Collection. This is not a hypothetical design; it's a real project currently underway at the Jersey Shores. This sneak peek into an actual installation showcases the practical application of the tile selection process.

Bedrosian Marin Bath Installation 3D Rendering

Bedrosian Marin Bath Installation 3D Rendering

Shop the Marin Collection

We cannot say enough how important it is to order a sample before beginning any tile project. With Tile Mart's sample program, every step towards transforming your space is made simpler and more enjoyable.

Remember to keep up with Tile Mart University for more expert insights and updates on new episodes!

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