Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends

Ever step into your bathroom and think, "This space needs a serious facelift?" You're not alone. As we turn the page on another year, there's an electric buzz in the world of interior design. This piece is all about demystifying those Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends. It's like having a personal guide leading you through stunning wall tiles, earthy wood vanities, sparkling metallic accents and so much more!

A rush of innovation is reshaping our private sanctuaries - from natural elements bringing warmth to icy mornings to open concepts that defy traditional square footage limitations. 

Buckle up as we dive into a world where function meets fabulous; turning outdated bathrooms into spa-like retreats has never been more exciting.

Table of Contents:

  • Bathroom Design Trends for the Coming Year
    • The Importance of High-Quality Tiles
  • Embracing Natural Elements in Bathroom Remodels
    • Natural Wood Vanities: More Than Just Storage Units
    • Celebrate Earth Tones All Year Round
  • The Rise of Walk-In Showers
    • Combining Warm Tones with Glass Showers
    • Choosing the Right Shower Heads
  • Incorporating Metallic Accents for a Modern Touch
    • The Art of Choosing Champagne Gold Fixtures
    • Mixing Metals: A New Design Mantra
  • Tile Trends for Stunning Bathroom Walls and Floors
    • Exploring Stunning Wall Tile Ideas
    • Choosing the Right Floor Tile
  • Creating a Spa-Like Experience with Freestanding Bathtubs
    • Selecting Painted Finishes for Your Bathtub
    • Incorporating Powder Rooms Into Your Design Plan
  • Maximizing Natural Light with Larger Windows
    • Natural Light and Its Impact on Interior Design Trends
    • Bigger Windows: A Gateway To Open Concept Designs?
  • Adding a Pop of Color with Bathroom Fixtures
    • Balancing Colors with Neutral Tones
    • Finding Your Perfect Palette
  • Incorporating Open Concept
    • The Allure of an Open Floor Plan
    • Making Design Choices for Your Open Bathroom
    • Tips to Maintain Privacy in Your Open-Concept Bathroom
  • FAQs in Relation to Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends
    • What is the hottest bathroom trend for 2023?
    • What Colour is in for bathrooms 2023?
    • Which bathroom upgrades have the highest ROI?
    • What is trend of bathroom remodeling?
  • Conclusion

Bathroom Design Trends for the Coming Year

As we look ahead, 2023 is shaping up to be a year of bold design choices and fresh ideas in bathroom remodels. From tranquil spa-like settings to lively color splashes, bathrooms are being transformed into personal sanctuaries.

The soothing feel of spa-inspired bathrooms has become one of the latest trends. Crafting a retreat where you can unwind following an exhausting day is the goal. Think clean lines and calming tones paired with luxurious features like glass showers or freestanding bathtubs.

For a more dynamic look, you can bring in vibrant colors and textures to your bathroom by experimenting with wall tiles, cabinet hardware or painted finishes. Bold colors are making their way onto walls, vanities, and even fixtures. Try incorporating these hues through painted finishes on cabinet hardware or as stunning wall tiles - it's sure to make your bathroom pop.

No matter what style catches your eye this coming year – whether it’s open concept layouts maximizing square footage or classic elements given a modern twist – remember that great design also considers function alongside aesthetics. A well-planned floor plan can help ensure every element works together seamlessly.

The Importance of High-Quality Tiles

Quality tiles remain crucial when remodeling any bathroom space. They not only provide visual appeal but also durability underfoot.

This upcoming year will see new tile ideas pushing boundaries further than ever before; think geometric shapes bringing life to floors and walls alike. So don't overlook them when planning your next project because they might just be what takes your master bathroom from good-looking to absolutely breathtaking.

Embracing Natural Elements in Bathroom Remodels


If you're in search of a new bathroom revamp, consider incorporating natural components for an exclusive combination of style and coziness. The incorporation of natural components into bathroom remodels is becoming increasingly sought after, with their smooth contours and soothing shades offering a distinct amalgamation of fashion and coziness.

The growing popularity of wood vanities is hard to ignore. The earthy tones add warmth while providing ample storage space – essential in any small bathroom or master suite. Plus, with various finishes available, these pieces can match virtually any design aesthetic.

When it comes to countertops, natural stone takes center stage. These surfaces are not only durable but also exude luxury – an attribute that doesn't go unnoticed when guests visit your home. Granite and marble options have long been favorites due to their rich colors and durability.

Let's not forget about lighting either - the power of natural light. Bigger windows can make even the smallest bathrooms feel spacious by bringing nature inside along with all its soothing vibes after a long day at work.

Natural Wood Vanities: More Than Just Storage Units

A vanity unit made from natural wood adds much more than mere functionality; it brings character into your space too. And did we mention how effortlessly they combine with metallic accents? Yes indeed.

Celebrate Earth Tones All Year Round

Bathroom color schemes using earthy tones create calming environments perfect for relaxation - just what we need during those rushed morning routines or before bedtime rituals. If you haven't considered this palette yet for your upcoming bathroom remodel project, now might be the time to start planning.

The Rise of Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers have become a must-have feature in many modern bathrooms. With their sleek glass enclosures and luxurious shower heads, they offer both functionality and style.

Combining Warm Tones with Glass Showers

See how combining warm tones with frameless glass showers creates an inviting space.

To get started on your own makeover, consider these stunning designs featuring warm tones and glass enclosures.

Choosing the Right Shower Heads

Learn about different types of shower heads that add luxury to your walk-in shower.

If you're looking for great ideas or need help picking out just the right fixture, check out our guide on different types of luxury shower heads. From rainforest-style fixtures to adjustable handheld options – we've got something for everyone.


Incorporating Metallic Accents for a Modern Touch

Give your bathroom a modern touch with the latest trend - metallic accents. They're not just popular, they are gaining serious traction in contemporary bathrooms. And why wouldn't they? Mixing metals like champagne gold with other colors adds an undeniable sophistication to any space.

Metallics have the power to make your bathroom feel more luxurious and trendy. Imagine stepping into a room where subtle glimmers of light reflect off beautiful chrome fixtures or where champagne gold accessories shine against cool-toned tiles. This is what metallic accents can do for you.

You might be asking, "How exactly should I mix these metals?" Well, it's all about balance and contrast. You could pair warm tones such as copper or bronze with cooler ones like silver or nickel. But remember, don't go overboard. Stick to two or three types at most so that everything feels cohesive.

The Art of Choosing Champagne Gold Fixtures

When it comes to incorporating champagne gold, think beyond faucets and handles – consider towel bars, mirror frames, even light fixtures. The softness of this shade lends itself well to various design styles from traditional to contemporary.

Avoid mixing too many different finishes within one space; instead opt for matching sets when choosing hardware elements like cabinet pulls and shower heads for uniformity. The golden rule here (pun intended) is: Less is more. Overdoing it can lead your sophisticated haven turning into an overwhelming spectacle rather than a soothing sanctuary.

Mixing Metals: A New Design Mantra

Mixing metals isn't just a passing fad. Mingling of metals has become a popular choice for many decorators and homeowners alike. When done right, the contrast between different metallic tones can create an interesting visual depth that is both appealing and unique.

Don't forget, when you're blending different metals, it's important to think about your main metal shade – be it silver, gold or bronze.

Key Takeaway: 

Jump on the contemporary wave of metallic highlights to add a dash of elegance and refinement to your bathroom. Blend metals such as champagne gold with various hues for an unquestionably stylish appearance, but maintain equilibrium. Bear in mind that simplicity is key - opt for coordinated sets for consistency and limit yourself to two or three kinds at most. Mixing metals isn't just trendy,

Tile Trends for Stunning Bathroom Walls and Floors

Soco Porcelain 2x6 Pink Glossy & White Glossy

Tiles continue to be a popular choice for both bathroom walls and floors. They can dramatically transform your space, adding character and elegance. Whether you're after clean lines or bold patterns, the latest tile trends have something to offer.

Exploring Stunning Wall Tile Ideas

Dive into favorite ideas for bathroom remodels, where wall tiles play an integral part in creating a striking design aesthetic. Geometric shapes are making waves in 2023, lending a modern touch to bathrooms of all sizes.

Vibrant color palettes aren't just reserved for paint anymore - they're finding their way onto tiled walls too. Imagine bathing surrounded by warm hues or calming blues that give your small bathroom an expansive feel.

Choosing the Right Floor Tile

The floor is often overlooked during remodeling projects but it's time we changed that mindset because the right floor tile can tie together all other design elements seamlessly.

A smartly chosen floor tile not only complements your overall design aesthetic but also enhances functionality with its durability and easy maintenance – key considerations if you've got high foot traffic or kids at home.

If there’s one thing certain about these trends, it's this: whether used on walls or floors (or why not both?), tiles bring life to any space while allowing homeowners to put their unique stamp on designs. So don’t wait up; start planning how you’ll incorporate these exciting new trends into your next project today.

Creating a Spa-Like Experience with Freestanding Bathtubs


For those seeking a spa-like experience, freestanding bathtubs can provide the perfect solution. These elegant fixtures have become an integral part of many modern bathrooms and powder rooms.

A well-chosen freestanding bathtub can serve as a focal point that adds elegance to any bathroom. They're not only visually appealing but also provide a luxurious spot for relaxation.

Selecting Painted Finishes for Your Bathtub

To enhance the look of your freestanding bathtub even more, consider opting for painted finishes. The right finish can give your tub its own unique personality and style.

One may ponder, "What type of painted finish would be best?" The key is to select one that resonates with your individual taste and the entire design concept. Here are some popular choices to inspire you on this journey towards creating your dream bathroom.

The use of freestanding bathtubs is becoming increasingly common in today's homes. According to recent data, they're being chosen as the centerpiece by homeowners who aim to turn their ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary ones.

Incorporating Powder Rooms Into Your Design Plan

Powder rooms have been growing steadily in popularity over recent years, thanks largely due to their practicality combined with chic appeal. When paired with stylish accessories such as classy taps or ornate mirrors, a simple powder room transforms into something much more sophisticated.

So why not try pairing these two trends together? By incorporating both elements – freestanding bathtubs and powder rooms – into your design plan, you'll create an environment where every bath feels like a spa day.

Are you prepared to transform your restroom into a haven? The perfect freestanding bathtub is out there waiting for you.

Key Takeaway: 

Transform your bathroom into a personal spa with a freestanding bathtub, serving as an elegant focal point. Spice it up further by opting for painted finishes that match your aesthetic and design theme. Pair this with the chic appeal of powder rooms to make every bath feel like a luxurious retreat.

Maximizing Natural Light with Larger Windows

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, a trend that's making waves is the incorporation of larger windows. This not only brings in an abundance of natural light but also helps make your space feel more open and expansive.

Larger windows have become increasingly popular among homeowners aiming for a brighter, airier ambiance. According to industry statistics, there has been significant growth in the use of large-scale windows as part of modern design choices for bathrooms.

Apart from creating an illusion of increased square footage, bigger windows allow you to soak up some sunlight right after a long day at work or during lazy weekend mornings. The strategic placement can transform your bathing experience into something truly refreshing and rejuvenating.

Natural Light and Its Impact on Interior Design Trends

The importance of natural light cannot be overstated when discussing the latest bathroom trends. It plays a crucial role in accentuating various design elements like stunning wall tiles or metallic accents while promoting energy efficiency by reducing reliance on artificial lighting during daytime hours.

You may think this option only suits those lucky enough to live without close neighbors; however, privacy concerns can easily be addressed using frosted glass or window treatments that let daylight filter through while maintaining discretion. Here are some great ideas you could consider incorporating into your own remodel plan.

Bigger Windows: A Gateway To Open Concept Designs?

An often overlooked advantage is how these broadened viewpoints serve as a stepping stone towards embracing open concept designs within bathrooms – one of the hotly anticipated interior design trends coming year. With clear sightlines across different zones within the room - such as the shower enclosure area or vanities - the overall layout becomes unified under one cohesive visual narrative.

Key Takeaway: 

There's a growing trend in bathroom revamps: bigger windows for more natural light. These larger openings not only fill your room with sunshine, but they also make it seem much larger. Bigger windows can trick the eye into seeing extra space and turn your bath time into an invigorating experience. Plus, they're a great first step towards open-concept bathroom designs, tying everything together nicely.

Adding a Pop of Color with Bathroom Fixtures

Gone are the days when bathroom fixtures were only available in shades of white, silver or gold. Today's design trends celebrate vibrant colors and bold choices that give your bathroom a fresh, modern look.

You may be asking yourself, how do I add color to my bathroom without it feeling overwhelming? Well, one effective way is by focusing on your bathroom fixtures. They offer an opportunity for homeowners to infuse personality into their space. According to recent stats, "Homeowners are increasingly choosing colorful fixtures".

This trend embraces everything from rich jewel tones like sapphire blue or emerald green to softer hues such as blush pink or sage green. Even black has made its mark in contemporary bathrooms giving them a chic edge. Check out some exciting ideas here.

Balancing Colors with Neutral Tones

Incorporating bright colors can seem intimidating but pairing them with neutral elements helps maintain balance. You might choose an audacious red faucet but pair it with sleek gray cabinetry - this gives the room character without being too loud.

The same rule applies if you decide on colored light switches or cabinet hardware. Remember though: while adding pops of color brings vibrancy and energy into your space, keeping other aspects neutral ensures there’s no sensory overload.

Finding Your Perfect Palette

Choosing which colors will define your bathroom requires careful thought about what mood you want to set for the room where most people start and end their day. The right combination not only reflects personal style but also impacts our feelings. Discover your perfect palette here.

Remodeling doesn't have to mean a complete overhaul - often, just making small adjustments like introducing some vibrant accents can make an immense impact. Sometimes a simple change like colorful fixtures can make a world of difference.

Key Takeaway: 

Give your bathroom a vibrant revamp with colorful fixtures. From sapphire blue to audacious red, there's a shade for every mood. But remember - balance is key. Pair bright colors with neutral elements to avoid sensory overload. Don't fear the remodel; sometimes, all you need is a pop of color.

Incorporating Open Concept

Open concept bathrooms are gaining popularity, making a big splash in the latest bathroom trends. They can make your small bathroom feel more spacious and inviting.

The Allure of an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan not only gives your bathroom a modern look but also optimizes every square footage. The lack of barriers makes it easier to move around and creates visual continuity, making the space appear larger than it actually is.

This design trend isn't just about aesthetics though. It's practical too. An open concept allows for better lighting and ventilation within the room.

Making Design Choices for Your Open Bathroom

Designing an open concept requires careful planning and great ideas that reflect your personal style. Combining different elements like stunning wall tiles with clean lines or painted finishes on fixtures can bring life to this layout. Here, you'll find inspiration from some popular designs trending this year.

Bathroom vanities are another key element in creating a functional yet stylish open-concept bath area. For instance, floating vanities add storage without taking up much floor space which further enhances the openness of your bathroom.

Tips to Maintain Privacy in Your Open-Concept Bathroom

Although one might question privacy concerns with such design choices, there's no need to worry. You can use clever tricks like using glass showers as partitions or installing shower enclosures strategically while maintaining transparency.

This guide here provides useful tips on how you can maintain privacy while enjoying an airy atmosphere inside your trendy new haven after a long day.

FAQs in Relation to Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends

What is the hottest bathroom trend for 2023?

Natural elements are taking center stage in 2023. Earthy tones, wood vanities, and stone countertops give bathrooms a relaxing retreat vibe.

What Colour is in for bathrooms 2023?

Bathrooms in 2023 lean towards warm hues mixed with metallic accents. Champagne gold has been particularly popular among homeowners.

Which bathroom upgrades have the highest ROI?

The biggest bang-for-your-buck upgrades include walk-in showers and freestanding bathtubs. They offer functionality, style, and can significantly increase home value.

What is trend of bathroom remodeling?

Trends point to creating spa-like experiences at home. This includes larger windows for natural light and incorporating open concepts into designs.


Ready to revamp your private sanctuary? We've walked through the Top 10 Bathroom Remodel Trends, so let's recap.

Natural elements are a game-changer, making bathrooms feel like relaxing retreats.

Glass showers aren't just functional - they're an epitome of style too!

Metallic accents? They add that sophisticated touch you've been looking for.

Tiles continue being versatile and timeless – think stunning wall tiles and floors.

Remember freestanding bathtubs? Relaxation awaits in a freestanding bathtub illuminated by natural light streaming through larger windows. And don’t forget about maximizing natural light with larger windows!

Add some color, embrace open concepts, and voila! Your bathroom will not only be trendy but also reflect your personality in every corner.

So here's to creating spaces we love waking up to - because there's nothing quite like starting your day in a beautifully designed bathroom!


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