Tile Mart’s First Dive into the World of KBIS 2024: A Fusion of Innovation and Inspiration

Written by: Casey Carlzen



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Stepping into the vast expanse of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024 for the first time felt like entering a wonderland of design and innovation. As newcomers to the event, the anticipation and excitement were palpable, knowing I was about to witness the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of kitchen and bath spaces. 

MSI Booth at KBIS 2024

Reconnecting with Familiar Faces 

Our first day at KBIS was dedicated to visiting the booths of some of our trusted vendors, Daltile and MSI. Seeing their latest collections up close was a testament to their commitment to innovation and design excellence. Daltile's new line of luxury tiles, with their intricate patterns and sustainable materials, was particularly impressive, echoing the industry's move towards eco-friendly solutions without compromising on style. MSI’s presence was also very impressive. We already know them as a leader in Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) but another area they have fantastic offerings in is natural stone and marble. 

Green Tile Trending Mood Board

Discovering 2024 Trends 

Another pivotal focus of our KBIS 2024 journey was to pinpoint the latest and most influential trends poised to shape the industry this year. Here are the key trends we noticed: 

  • Bold Colors: This year, consumers are eager to infuse their spaces with personality and vibrancy, opting for bold, saturated colors and rich textures. This trend marks a departure from the more subdued, minimalist color schemes of the past, showcasing a collective desire for impactful, statement-making designs. 
  • Large Format Tiles: The popularity of large-format tiles continues to grow, setting a new standard for flooring and wall applications in modern living spaces. These tiles are becoming increasingly accessible, thanks to advances in installation techniques and materials. Their expansive size contributes to a seamless, expansive feel, making them a trendy choice for both residential and commercial projects. 
  • Customization: Personalization remains a top priority for consumers, who value the ability to tailor their living spaces to their unique preferences and lifestyles. Customization has emerged as a key trend, with individuals seeking bespoke solutions for their design challenges. Tile Mart is leading the charge, providing customers with the tools and knowledge needed to customize projects, ensuring that each space is as unique as its occupant. 

These trends—bold colors, large-format tiles, and customization—highlight a shift towards designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also reflective of individual tastes and innovations in material and installation technologies.

Julee Ireland and Panelists at KBIS NEXTStage 2024
Spotlight on Innovation: Julee Ireland Takes the Stage at KBIS 

At KBIS 2024 Day 2, one of the highlights was the NEXT Stage event, a series of enlightening discussion panels and seminars led by distinguished industry leaders. These sessions offered invaluable insights into the latest trends, innovations, and challenges facing the kitchen and bath industry. Attendees had the unique opportunity to engage with thought leaders, gain new perspectives, and explore the future directions of design and technology in our field. 

Central to the success of the NEXT Stage was our very own brand ambassador, Julee Ireland. With her extensive background in design and her deep understanding of the industry's dynamics, Julee was the perfect choice to host this all-day event. Her role went beyond mere hosting; as a moderator for one of the panels, she skillfully guided discussions, ensuring that conversations were insightful, relevant, and engaging. Julee's expertise and charisma made her an ideal bridge between the audience and the panelists, facilitating a lively and informative exchange of ideas. 

Witnessing Julee Ireland's outstanding performance as the host and moderator of the NEXT Stage event was a moment of immense pride for us. Her adept handling of discussions and her ability to engage and captivate both panelists and audience demonstrated her profound expertise and passion for the industry. Julee's success at this esteemed industry gathering not only showcases her exceptional talents but also fills us with great pride. We are delighted to celebrate her accomplishments and her pivotal role in advancing the dialogue within the kitchen and bath community. 

Dal-tile Booth at KBIS 2024

Uncovering Hidden Gems and Rekindling Connections 

As our adventure at KBIS 2024 drew to a close, Day 3 presented us with a precious opportunity to explore the convention's lesser-known treasures and reconnect with familiar faces. After two exhilarating days filled with major highlights and groundbreaking discoveries, we dedicated our final day to seeking out the nooks and crannies we had inadvertently overlooked. This quieter, more reflective day allowed us to meander through the exhibition, visiting booths of potential new vendors and catching up with old friends and acquaintances who have been integral to our journey in the industry. 

One of the day's most rewarding experiences was discovering the smaller booths scattered throughout the venue. These booths, representing smaller companies, were brimming with innovation, passion, and dedication. It was inspiring to witness the creativity and drive of these smaller entities, each contributing unique perspectives and solutions to the kitchen and bath industry. Their presence underscored the diversity and richness of our field, reminding us that innovation often comes from the most unexpected places. 

This exploration was not just about business opportunities; it was a testament to the vibrant community that KBIS fosters each year. The chance to delve deeper into the offerings of up-and-coming companies and to share moments with long-standing colleagues provided a fitting conclusion to our KBIS journey. It was a day of appreciation for the industry's breadth and depth, celebrating both the new horizons and the enduring relationships that continue to shape our collective experience. 


As we reflect on our three-day journey through the bustling halls of KBIS 2024, we're left with a profound sense of inspiration and humility. The experience of navigating this vast expo, filled with the latest innovations, trends, and the collective passion of thousands of industry professionals, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Witnessing firsthand the sheer magnitude of the kitchen and bath industry served as a humbling reminder of the small, yet significant, space we occupy within this expansive community. 

Each day at KBIS brought new discoveries, from the groundbreaking products unveiled by industry giants to the infectious enthusiasm of smaller companies making their mark. The event was a vivid illustration of the industry's dynamic and collaborative spirit, showcasing the incredible diversity and creativity that drives us forward. The opportunity to connect with old friends, meet potential partners, and learn from leading experts was invaluable, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and excellence. 

Looking ahead, the anticipation for KBIS next year is already building. We are excited to see how the industry will continue to evolve, and we eagerly await the chance to immerse ourselves once again in this inspiring environment. To our readers, we hope this account of our KBIS journey sparks your curiosity and excitement for the world of kitchen and bath design. The possibilities are endless, and we look forward to exploring them together at KBIS 2025. Join us as we continue to navigate this ever-expanding industry, where innovation knows no bounds and every participant plays a crucial role in shaping its future.