How to Pick the Right Tile: Essential Design Tips

Tiles are a crucial element in any space, adding style, elegance, and personality. Whether you're revamping your kitchen, bathroom, or living area, selecting the right tile can transform your space. At TileMart, we understand the importance of this choice. That's why we've compiled seven key design tips to help you pick the perfect tile for your project.


1. Consider the Room Size and Scale

Understanding the impact of tile size on room perception is crucial. Larger tiles can give a smaller room a more spacious feel, thanks to fewer grout lines creating a cleaner, less cluttered look. Conversely, smaller tiles are perfect for adding detail and texture, making them ideal for features like backsplashes.

Creos Cookie 48x48 Large Format

Creos 48"x48" Large Format Field Tile in Cookie, Matte.

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2. Proportion to the Room Size

The proportion of tile to room size is key. Oversized tiles in a tiny bathroom can overwhelm, while tiny tiles in a vast space can feel mismatched. Julee emphasizes the importance of proportion in creating a balanced and harmonious space.

3. Align Tile to the Shape of the Room

Julee advises paying attention to the shape and layout of your tiles. Long, rectangular tiles can lengthen a room, while square patterns can create symmetry. The layout should complement the room’s dimensions to enhance its overall appearance.

4. Make an Impact! Statements with Color and Pattern

Making a statement with tiles is about playing with colors and patterns. Light colors open up a space, while darker hues create intimacy. Julee suggests considering the pattern scale – intricate patterns are generally more suitable for smaller tiles.

Village backsplash bold yellow

Village, Tuscany Gold 2.5" x 8" Glossy Subway

5. Consider Practical Factors

Practicality is a cornerstone of tile selection. Julee points out factors like ease of installation, maintenance, and the environment where the tile will be used. Larger tiles, while elegant, might be more challenging to install and prone to cracking in certain settings.

6. Keep it Consistent

A cohesive home design involves consistent flooring. Julee stresses the importance of how different materials and surfaces interact, advocating for a unified approach to tiling across various rooms for an elevated and seamless look. 


7. The Rule of Thirds

Lastly, Julee introduces the rule of thirds for tile cutting. Avoiding narrow cuts at the borders and aiming for end tiles that are at least a third of the full tile size results in a visually pleasing, balanced layout. She suggests using a tape measure and pencil for planning and visualizing the layout.

Combining Julee Ireland's professional guidelines with your unique style leads to a space that is both well-designed and reflective of your personal taste. Remember, these tips are flexible guidelines, not strict rules. Every space is unique, and the beauty of design lies in creating something uniquely yours. We’d love to see your tile projects – share your photos and experiences with us!

At Tile Mart, we’re passionate about helping you find the perfect tile for your project. From Bedrosians' Tile and Stone to Daltile, we offer a wide range of high-quality tiles that cater to every style and need. Visit our website to explore our collection and bring your vision to life. Remember, the right tile can make all the difference. Happy tiling!

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